Eric Blanton | iOS App Development, iMessage Sticker Maker, & Digital Marketer

Based in Louisville, KY

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Eric Blanton, y'all!

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Based in Louisville, KY; I have over 6 years of iOS Development experience & have successfully launched over 20 apps in the iTunes App Store via my self owned company Sugar Coded Apps.

Several of my apps have been featured in the iTunes App Store & have total downloads of over 400,000 times worldwide. My most popular apps have been Military Time Converter, Crochet Decoder, & Deceptinet. One of my newer apps, I've Lost My Voice, became a top 10 app in the medical category last year.

I have also made several popular apps for elementary education (The Newbery App & Alphamatch!) & even completed a project for the University of Louisville's PEACC Program.

In 2016, I began designing stickers for Apple's iMessage platform. I've developed over 25 sticker pack apps & 5 have been featured by Apple's editorial staff. This includes AnswerBot, which was one of the first sticker packs featured in the iMessage App Store the day Apple opens the store.

With a wide array of tech knowledge I am available for contract work on projects I feel I can offer value to. A list of some services I offer is available at or you can contact me directly via email.
The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
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In addition to app development, I also offer digital archiving services to those in the Louisville area who would like their music, photos, or documents transferred from a physical format to digital. These services are listed at the top of this page & link to more detailed information & pricing.

When I'm not working on iOS & Mac app development or other technology based ventures you can find me obsessing over whatever pop album has me hyped up that day. This love of audio is what led me to start helping others transfer their vinyl, cassettes, & more to digital formats.

With almost 20 years of Mac & Apple knowledge I may be able to help with lots of everyday Apple tech support needs, iOS development projects, or just building a website for your business.

You hiring me for any service will keep my cats well fed and keep help support my addiction to Disney World (I made an app for that, too!). ;)

Thanks for stopping by & have a great day.

My work featured elsewhere on the internet

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I was interviewed by fantastic Rapidweaver developer Yuzool about app making in general.
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The marvelous CrochetTime Blog highlighted me regarding my popular app Crochet Decoder.
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I helped design & code an app for the PEACC program at University of Louisville.
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My iPad app, PIANO CHORD HELPER, was featured at the iPhone Mom's website